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Which naruto girl would date you quiz

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Which naruto girl would date you quiz

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Completed 0 of 5 questions. Walk in, scared, but people think you are mysterious and don't woulr to talk to anyone. Quietly, but willing to help with anything and talk with anyone. Just like any other day, but silently observing the people and surrounding areas.

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Which naruto character would date you? girl version

True to my friends and will protect them no matter what it takes. She would get mad and kill you later.

Not only do you turn in papers blank, but you also never talk and think how this will make your life quuz Get her a fancy sandwich.

She would get sad and quietly walk off. She would cry and think gifl all the good times you two had. It will be interesting to discuss everything with her and argue about various topics, this will only strengthen your relationship. Someone who gets under your skin to make you realize that you aren't that kind of person.

Which naruto character would date you? girl version - personality quiz

Never give up,for that le to a happy life. Get her a taco. Get her a choclate bar. What do you drink the most?

Naruto girlfriend quiz (boys only)

It has only brought hardship. Several people have said that I can make it, but narito lot more people think I am useless and will get no where.

Like I care what people think, or why they think it, but my hero once told me that I had enough knowledge to become the best, but why would he say that? My body is home to more than one species of organism and that is what is special about me and what people think doesn't really concern me too much.

Quiz - what naruto girl will be your wife!? -

A person who depends on something for health and safety. Maybe it's because I'm great?! She would stab you eyeballs and roast them and have them for quia. You might be the clown fool, but you might just have a major crush that you spend all your time looking at.

Which naruto girl is your girlfriend?, a anime selector. ask about my top result.

If you are nice to people they will be nice to you. A backup and someone who will never leave a comrade, but a friend none the less.

She would qhiz her ferret attack you. Get her a cake with weapons on it. She would pull out a kunai and stab it in your heart.

Sit there and watch her suffer. It's better not to mess with her!

Weapons can help you in many ways. People think that I can be the best friend you have ever had, with my way of finding things that no one else can I am different, but special.

At a party,your girl gets very hungry. Quietly, but willing to help with anything and talk with anyone. Revenge never le to a happy life. Ninja's of different attack plans. Get her a animal cookie. Trying very hard, but failing for a reason that;s obvious.

What naruto character would want to date you?

Energetically and full of confident spirit. What do you do? Just an average student, not making a scene or speaking out.

If you're calm and self-confident, this girl definitely fits you. My memories are filled with hardship, always wanting approval from my family, but people think I have a special gift that makes me who I am not. She'll laugh at your jokes and let whjch feel strong and reliable, although she can stand up for herself.