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Slang terms for drugs

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Slang terms for drugs

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Understanding the slang of addiction is the first step in getting your loved one the help they need. At our addiction treatment center in Massachusettswe offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment for patients who are ready to get sober. Our addiction experts have put together a slang glossary to help families and loved ones better understand the phrases and words people use to secretly discuss drugs and alcohol. Though we update this drug slang glossary frequently, the drug slang words are always changing. Be sure to keep a lookout for other s of addictionsuch as changed behavior or physical changes.

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MDMA is usually sold in the form of powder often contained in capsulestablets, or sometimes liquid. Certain ingredients in cough medicine can cause psychoactive effects when taken in abundance.

Caviar: Taking cocaine and marijuana very closely together. Hemp: This can refer to either a cannabis plant or certain products derived from those plants. Greek: Marijuana and powder cocaine. Lotion is common at ecstasy parties as people massage each other. Base Head: Someone who uses smokable cocaine. Unlike marijuana, most of the common slang terms referring to cocaine tend to be fairly self-explanatory. slsng

Slang drug glossary | banyan massachusetts

Meth Druts drug is undeniably a dangerous, destructive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Hard Candy: Slang term that refers to heroin. Acid: Street name for LSD, a hallucinogenic drug. The origins of the term are slightly murkybut it does not actually refer to any police code or similarly strange origin.

At the same time, there is a much smaller list that makes up the terms terma people end up regularly using when referring to marijuana. Crack: This refers to crack cocaine.

The leaves may be laced with additional drugs. Dynamite: Cocaine mixed with heroin. Rock: This refers to crack cocaine due to its similar appearance to a rock.

Glossary of slang drug names | addiction rehab in chicago

The drug usually looks like fragments of glass or bluish-white rocks. Marijuana As the most widely used illicit drug in the United Statescontinually in the public debate regarding whether or not it should even be illegal, it is no wonder that people have come up with a variety of slang and street terms to refer to marijuana. Talk to your doctor about this possibility if you are prescribed a medication. Opioids This class of drugs is incredibly popular for illicit use.

Base: A commonly used word that is slang for cocaine or crack cocaine. Marijuana: Often considered a gateway drug, this plant is smoked by its users.

Ball: Crack cocaine, or black tar heroin. Instead, they combine various drugs together to create specific highs.

Know the buzzwords relating to drugs: slang, street & jargon terms

They may be stamped with a playful logo, similar to something you might find on candies. Jet Fuel: PCP combined with methamphetamine. Do you have questions about how your loved one can get help?

Crystal: This refers to crystal methamphetamine. Bumping Up: Ecstasy combined with powder cocaine.

Drug and alcohol slang terms

In clinical settings, barbiturates treat anxiety or sleep disorders. Bars: Heroin mixed with Xanax. These are common terms to refer to meth: Blue: This term comes from its trems color. Lace: Cocaine and marijuana.

Drug and alcohol slang terms - addiction center

Waffle Dust: Ecstasy and methamphetamine. Be sure to keep a lookout for other s of addictionsuch as changed behavior or physical changes. XTC sounds nearly identical to ecstasy when read out loud. Cocaine Cocaine is ror powerful stimulant derived from the coca plantwhich is native to South America.

Every drug slang term you need to know

This drug is cocaine mixed with water and another agent, often baking powder. Because we work so closely with addicts on varying substances, we have decided to provide a drug glossary of common slang terms for drugs to help. Some polydrug abusers alternate between lines of various types of drugs. Innearly 68 percent of drug overdose deaths in the U.

Can also address a mix of heroin and crack cocaine. Crack Cocaine: A smokable form of cocaine, also has its own slang terms. While there are not many cocaine-specific terms, people often refer to a line in relation to the drug.

Drug slang glossary

Methamphetamines: This drug is a central nervous system stimulant. They include Adderall, Benezedrine, Ephedrine, Ritalin, and methamphetamine. When drubs, it will be in the form of a powder that is then dissolved in water or alcohol.

Bennies: Refers to amphetamines. LSD: A hallucinogenic drug that produces psychedelic effects.