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I recall a proper spa just inside Ngo Van Nam lane looking at Goggle map. Can't recall munh name of the shop. I will rtf for any of the two reasons above when CB is lifted. The next day, I visited those 'massage' shop inside the labyrinth of Little Japan. So many shops so take your time, browse around and check out before deciding.

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Did not like when the fingernails pressing against my skin as she massages me, little did I knew they were meant for other purpose. I buay tahan liao. Read the posts on ISG going back years to get a feel of the mongering scene. Next to Little Tokyo for delicious beef bowls, lots of massage shops with girls in skimpily outfits.

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Within minutes, she got soaking wet underneath and I fingered her a while as its not really my thing. Rooms range from kk and mins. Anything that-s too good to be true is too good to be true. I owe that massage girl one. Should foeum goldstar ktv if I recall correctly.

Then we made love with multiple positions and her cowgirl was commendable as she rode me up and down with the piak piak sound. Went up after waiting for awhile for them to prep the rooms. I forgot to mentioned she had thick lips like those on Angelina Jolie, it was time. Nice place to soak in the atmosphere but mostly foreigners in this place, there are many interesting places all along Bui Vien that are cheaper for sure.

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I said yes. Likely to be the former as my kukubird is normal size. Fast forward she asks for 1. Still raining at Bui Vien last night so cut the night jinh. However, you may wish to invite the girl back to your room. The next day, I visited those 'massage' shop inside the labyrinth of Little Japan. The standard foreplay process and ate her pussy good.

Sightseeing is limited, sammyoy of affordable seafood. Rooms were nice and clean. Hentaiprof said: There was one I went ly in Saigon. I recall a proper spa just inside Ngo Van Nam lane looking at Goggle map. Been a while I had a girl with a natural lubricated pussy.

On bed we started kissing and led to gentle DFK. Washed up and I dozed off. I am not discouraging you. I have a feeling she is vorum new to boom boom or my kukubird too thick. You don't want to get a memento that will last your lifetime. D5 Beer Om Kim Damage: 3. Ssammyboy wife is Vietnamese and we still have to produce a marriage certificate in order to obtain a room for both of us.

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You have no come back. I message the masseur back and she is sad and angry from her reply.

I have no experience with KTVs because that's not my thing. Click to expand One of them followed a girl on her moto, end up negotiate and settle on price liao later ask for room charge, ask for more money etc etc.

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The town is quiet and weather is cooling. Drinks were around 2 million for a bottle of whiskey and I changed to missionary and came as I admired her slutty face. Once the CB is lifted and deemed safe to travelI will return my promise of bringing her to a rooftop pub plus a midnight show more as a companion.

You can BUT.

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So at least the mamasan did not lie. This shop earlier in my walkaround chat, the mamasan said she can consider to go out with me after her work for a drink if I return. The best positions would have to be doggie style and we literally banged around the room in that. Entering her was easy. And who will you complain to? When I leave Saigon Center shopping mall in District 1, walking south on Pasteur street, there are multiple bars with karaoke, but not as fancy as the one you fofum, and I've seen some very minhh girls there.

She also agreed to my 1M, maybe because of the rooftop pub drink.

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We all got massages, k tip got topless BBBJ. She was sexy and I did not take long to surrender in her hands.

She smiled at my request and surprising she agreed. However, the girls are not very stunningly beautiful. I finally chose a shop with a young girl surely early 20s or maybe 20 who speaks a bit of English. Before leaving the shop I tell the mamasan tonight is off. It is their choice to stay longer and report for work at 3pm the next day. Of course no choice but to meet my ex GF.

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I have plenty of time since now is only mid noon. Tonight I need someone to accompany me for a drink to a rooftop pub after her work and I meant it. Hoo that she shyly ask me if I wanted more.