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2010 nissan altima problems

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2010 nissan altima problems

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After nnissan for 4 hours I lose powerthe speed drops from 70 to 50 mile per hour even though the gas pedall is down to the floor. I took it to the dealer repaired by installing a fan to the transmission under warranty.

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So I constantly have the low tire pressure light on in my car even after I have just refilled the tires. Recently the check engine light came on and that has been the only major issue that I have experienced.

Altima cvt transmission problem

Everyone honked as us to move quicker but even with moving the pedal up or down the car latima not move. I purchased my car brand new and I haven't had any issues. It is nice and compact making moving in and out of traffic and tight parking a breeze. Once we were cleared to go the car had NO acceleration. When I purchase another car it will be a Nissan.

After driving for 4 hours I lose powerthe speed drops from 70 to 50 mile per hour even though the gas pedall is down to the floor.

Nissan altima

Fast forward to this week, the car is back at the dealers due to having the same issue of not being able to go any faster than 20 mph with the gas peddle to the floor. I would recommend you get nissam chance with the car. I think it is good on gas.

Biggest complaint is doors do not stay open if parked on slopes. The car is good on gas and runs well.

Nissan altima problems, defects & complaints

I am original owner and it has been a very solid reliable car with no major headaches. If I am driving in the city it is great, no problems there. The Altima drives smoothly and fuel nixsan. My '10 Coupe is doing the same thing, de is awesome, the color Crimson Black is dramatic. Patrick F on July 16, Helpful Alive and still kicking!!

Even though it is older, it has a lot of good features. It handles well is good on gas and very low maintenance. It wook a good 50 ft of driving before the car started to accelerate. Although once I leave the city and enter the highway, alfima is another ball game.

Nissan altima problems, reviews, reliability, complaints

The Bose radio with XM is just fantastic. Other than that I love my car.

altimq I refuse to pay for this myself since Nissan knows this is a manufacture flaw. There are a few things that bother me though. I should have taken written statements from the honkers that day, maybe the techs would have believed it then.

Helen M on July 16, Helpful. Zac B on July 16, Helpful Fuel efficient and reliable. I would recomend this car to anyone whos can truly appreciate a well made vehicle.

What's wrong with the altima?

Has been a very good car. I called Nissan and they are well aware of this issue but it not a recall and the car is no longer under warrenty.

The CVT Transmission took me a altimz time to understand. After only owning the car for less then a year I traded it in for a toyota Tacom. Just remember it is a coupe, ie 2 doors means only 2 people!

Nissan altima problems and complaints - nissan problems

I have a Nissan Altima and took it to the dealer last month due to not being able to accelerate no more than 20 mph when the temperature outside is below 30 degrees. I highly recommend this vehicle. I recently took a trip which required us to drive at a steady 75mph. Emilee L on July 27, 1 person found this helpful Helpful Great starter car with a great gas mileage.

The wipers miss large portions the windshield making it very difficult and dangerous to drive during any form of precipitation.

The dashboard is rather large. I showed the service department the video that I made a video on Youtube of how the car acts after sitting to warm up over 30 minutes and still not going over 20 mph.

Nissan altima reliability - consumer reports

It has done me good and I plan on keeping it for as long as possible. The center counsel is unnecessarily large. Barbara J on July 16, Helpful This is a very reliable car with a few hiccups but definitely worth the money. One being how loud the engine is, when I am problem down the highway I can barely have a conversation with the person in the passenger seat and having a conversation over the phone in the car is out of the question.

The air-conditioning functions properly and the front passenger chair needs to be sewed back up from the airbag being deployed. Most of this cars have four doors this can be helpful for the families and have a trunk very comfort for anything you want put in.